Our Planning Process

Financial planning is an important part of our service. We prepare plans for nearly all our clients since the process help us understand your long-term goals and dreams. It does involve detailed analysis but it ends with a set of clear recommendations that will help you prepare for the future dramatically improving the odds you will successfully meet your objectives. We also follow through and help you implement our recommendations. A financial plan should be viewed as a living document that adapts to changing circumstance whether it be in your life or events external to your life. Changes in your career, family circumstance, or tax laws should be reflected in revisions to your roadmap.

Our approach is collaborative, empathetic, and thorough; we carefully examine all aspects of your circumstance and use the most advanced technology to create projections. The planning process may involve 3-5 face to face meetings:

  • Data Gathering and Goal identification: We make the data gathering step as efficient as possible for you. Much of the information needed can come from documents you will have readily available. That makes this first meeting very efficient and it enables us to concentrate on the most important task: understanding you as people and identifying your long-term goals and dreams.

  • Preliminary Results Review: Confirmation that the information we are using in our systems is correct. Seeing things in black and white is important. This step allows you to make changes helping to make the plan your plan.

  • Plan Presentation: This can occur over one meeting or several depending on the complexity of your circumstance. You are provided with an overview of the results and our recommendations. We discuss implementation of our recommendations and what steps and outside experts that are needed to help put the plan to action.

  • Plan Implementation: We like to circle back and review actions that have been taken and what effect those actions might have on your roadmap. We will revise it as needed to reflect those actions so you have the most up to date information.

  • Revisions: Over time things change, we suggest we periodically revisit your roadmap and revise it as needed.

Many of our clients choose to transition to our Portfolio Management service after completion of their plan. If you do you will know that you will have your financial goals properly integrated with the management of your financial assets.

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