Dean Shah

Financial Analysts/Advisors

Dean is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to joining Stonegate in 2011, Dean worked in the nuclear industry, designing and analyzing nuclear power plants. His technical papers were published in national and international journals. Dean mastered his analytical techniques in the nuclear industry; skills that are highly valuable for use with today’s sophisticated investment tools. As a financial planner, Dean has provided personal and objective financial guidance to several clients.  Financial planning covers investments, insurances, estate planning, taxes, retirement benefits, and a variety of other topics that differ from client to client.  An accurate financial plan leads to a prosperous life.  Guiding recently divorced and widowed women to become independent and achieve their financial goals has been an extremely satisfying job. Dean is a strong believer in ethics and always keeps the client’s best interest above all else.  Working for a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor makes it easy to serve as a fiduciary. Local newspapers and have published Dean’s responses to readers’ questions. He resides in Franklin Lakes, NJ with his wife.  In his spare time, Dean enjoys reading, playing golf and travel. You may also view Dean’s profile and videos at Guidevine: