Alison Hall

Financial Analysts/Advisors

Alison Hall is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with Stonegate Wealth Management. Alison graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration in May of 2008.  Like most fresh graduates, she was unsure what the future held, but knew that student loan repayment was fast approaching, so she began working at a nearby hotel with hopes of networking possibilities and at a minimum, a steady paycheck.  While working as a hotel clerk, she met Tom Geraghty, who quickly sold her on a career in finance.  Within a few months, she was working with Stonegate – learning the ins and outs of the firm.   After passing the Series 65, proving an established familiarity with the extensive rules and regulations that accompany the finance world, Alison decided it was time to move forward.  By completing the Certified Financial Planner program at Fairleigh Dickinson and passing the comprehensive, 10-hour exam, she could not only further her career but also begin to help people more directly – so that’s precisely what she did. Being a young woman in the field proved to be a blessing. There are many individuals seeking help, advice, and direction that aren’t receiving it for one reason or another.  Alison is familiar with common plights of millennials, being one herself.  She also enjoys helping women, whether single, divorced, or widowed, gain a better understanding of their personal and/or family finances.  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for women and younger individuals to feel like they are not being heard or taken seriously. Alison finds a sense of purpose in helping these people achieve their goals, both short and long term. She is frequently quoted in “Ask NJMoneyHelp”, where readers can submit general questions about their finances online and receive answers from a professional at no cost.   In her spare time, Alison can be found playing with her bulldog, cooking, and reading non-fiction books.  She also enjoys watching and training in muay thai kickboxing with her husband.